New Winter Park Tubing Building

Winter Park Ski Resort is opening up a new Tubing Hill behind the Vintage Hotel.  We worked with Architect Rosemary Fivian and the Winter Park staff to come up with a design that is energy-efficient, dynamic and meets the needs of the resort, no matter the season!  We hope you come up this winter for a run down the new hill and cup of warm hot chocolate by the indoor/outdoor fireplace.  Rosie has several updates on the buildings progress on her blog.

This building is unique in that it has large open spaces, tall wood framed walls and windows that extend to the underside of the roof.  We worked with Winter Park, Rosie and Rosboro to design a Glu-lam roof structure that met both the structural and budget needs of the project.  We incorporated a new product call Rosboro X-beam.  X-beams are Glu-lam beams that are more conventional in size, matching Micro-lam beam sizes and cost about 30% less than Micro-lam beams.

We have specified Rosboro X-beam Glu-lam beams on several projects now.  They can be used instead of Micro-lam or LVL wood beams and have a similar structural capacity.  For those specifying X-beams in design, it is important to note that they are 24F-V4 and not equivalent structurally to Micro-lams in a multi-span application.  What this means is that the top laminations do not have the same flexural stress capacity as the bottom laminations.  This is important when the beam is used continuously in a multi-span application because the top of the beam will also experience tension.  This hasn’t been a limiting factor in the residential and light commercial projects where we have incorporated the X-beam in the design.  It is also important to note that the standard hole and notches that may be applied to the beam are slightly different from a Micro-lam.  Designers looking for a large hole capacity may want to use a ‘Laminated Strand Lumber’ beam made by Trus-Joist.

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